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How WAVE BL supports exponential growth with AWS

How WAVE BL supports
exponential growth with AWS


WAVE BL’s solution enables instant, encrypted, and authenticated transfer of Bills of Lading and other unique digital documents. WAVE BL’s platform is designed to meet the needs of every member along the supply chain, from the smallest importer to the largest shipping carriers and banks.

Identifying the Problem

WAVE BL was experiencing issues scaling up its services to meet growing demand from a rapidly increasing customer base. It needed to scale up quickly to meet this demand, but as an innovative business developing its services, it needed its offerings to remain flexible. This limitation meant that any solution could not compromise its R&D lifecycle or constrain innovation.

Facing the Challenge

WAVE BL used a Windows-based operating system with a monolithic install base. While this provided a solid foundation for their processes, they found that it constrained throughput for daily development cycles and slowed down the customer onboarding journey when scaled.

These constraints created a large onboarding backlog for the operations team that threatened responsiveness. New customer tenancy spaces had to comply with high integrity and data separation standards to meet rigorous security requirements. This existing architecture increased deployment and management efforts.
WAVE BL recognized that they needed to migrate to an alternate development and operating environment that offered the performance, scalability, and flexibility they required to support their business growth.

The perceived need for heavy investment in R&D and staff training coupled with the adaptation time necessary to succeed can be a deterrent. However, WAVE BL recognized that teaming up with the right partner could help their businesses make these changes with minimum disruption.

the Best Solution

Directeam brought our team of experts to work in collaboration with WAVE BL, and together we created a plan for infrastructure migration and modernization on AWS as their cloud vendor. Our understanding of WAVE BL’s business and technical needs helped them make the right decisions by explaining their options. We identified process improvements, defined milestones, and set deadlines to achieve their end goals.
We also helped WAVE BL secure the funding necessary to allow them to push the business forward.

What we did

We supported WAVE BL throughout the migration of their business and created efficient and scalable processes using the power of Amazon’s Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). We moved WAVE BL from Windows-based monolithic machines to Linux-based container workloads.

We leveraged tools such as Terraform and Helm to create processes that simplified the deployment and replication of environments to enhance productivity. With a precise production migration plan we achieved to migrate WAVE BL’s entire workload with zero downtime thanks to our experts’ thorough planning and support.

We developed a solution to support customer growth by creating a CI/CD pipeline that served the R&D lifecycle and customer tenant onboarding processes. The CI/CD pipeline was simple to operate, allowing WAVE BL’s business teams to onboard new customer tenants quickly and efficiently, eliminating onboarding backlogs.

Now WAVE BL can replicate environments using Kubernetes with a simplified and convenient process. This ability has supercharged the R&D lifecycle and enhanced operating processes by saving time and eliminating bottlenecks as more customers are onboarded.

The Result

As WAVE BL’s cloud journey partner, we implemented a modernization solution based on AWS cloud services, which would allow WAVE BL to reduce its onboarding process time from days to minutes.
We delivered an effective operating environment and toolset to meet WAVE BL’s challenges and allow them to scale their services to meet demand effectively.

Yair Sappir, Chief Information Officer
“Our business was growing fast and we needed the right infrastructure to support it as well as minimize costs. We were looking for a professional hand to help us build this infrastructure. Directeam proved to be a perfect fit and true experts. They not only provided us with the right tools and technology for our requirements but also made sure we understood the logic behind it.”

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