Our Solutions

Find out how Directeam can accelerate your cloud journey
with our production-grade, bulletproof solutions.

Cloud Consulting

When you’re planning your next big thing, we know you want to do it right, getting the most ROI, utilizing best practices with the best tech and getting it done in an optimal amount of time.
To achieve this, you can consult with our brainiac solution architects who have years of experience with a plethora of use-cases and architecture planning, making sure your next big thing becomes huge!

Kubernetes Enablement

The potential of the Kubernetes system is huge. If you are planning to migrate to, scale up or tune up Kubernetes, Directeam understands the Kubernetes ecosystem and its complexity.
Together with our vast knowledge, born from years of production experience with clusters of many shapes and sizes, we can fully access this potential when building or improving your cloud-native architectures.


AWS Cloud Migration

Cloud migration can be an intimidating endeavor that can be expensive in time and resources. If not planned correctly, the outcomes can be costly.
With our expertise and experience as AWS cloud-advanced partners, we will escort you through the clouds! We will work with you, hands-on, to build and implement a migration plan that fits your exact requirements in minimal time, all while applying best practices and optimizing costs.

Cloud Cost Optimization

It can be easy to lose control over your cloud spending. It’s no wonder that AWS made cost optimization one of their 12 well-architected pillars!
With our services, you will get to enjoy our cost optimization workshops and pro-active FinOps consulting and reviews, where we personally inspect your cloud spending and architecture. We use our broad experience and knowledge to analyze where we can optimize your costs at the architecture level!


Tech is a competitive business environment, and time-to-market can be a critical factor for success. This is where our DevOps as a service provides huge value.
Our professional DevOps engineers have years of experience and knowledge using many different tools and technologies. Together we will accelerate your projects with our hands-on professional services, and overcome any obstacles you may have when bringing your great ideas to life.



So we’ve told you a lot about our deep knowledge of the cloud, now it’s time to talk about your knowledge!
We offer in-person training programs and workshops, whether it’s AWS immersion days, where we guide you through step-by-step workshops built by AWS themselves, or workshops for other leading technologies such as Kubernetes – we will make sure you’re well-educated about the latest technologies and practices.