Sombrero Savings

Sombrero Savings is a cost optimization technology that automatically provides a significant discount on EC2 On-Demand compute costs with no commitment or engineering management overhead.

Scale your potential savings on auto-pilot


Stop worrying about not maximizing your potential savings, Sombrero Savings constantly adapts to changes in your On-Demand workload.

No Engineering Overhead

Eliminate engineering cost of ownership by avoiding commitments management and improving engineering team focus on what matters to your business.


Get EC2 compute savings without commitments purchases in your AWS account.

No architecture change

Sombrero Savings can work on top of any architecture and doesn’t require application changes.

Free of charge – No hidden costs

Just like that. Sombrero Savings is free for Directeam’s AWS customers.

How it works?

Sombrero Savings automatically reduces your costs by covering a significant part of your EC2 On-Demand that is not covered by any Savings Plans or Reserved Instances commitments to AWS.

Uncovered EC2 On-Demand compute

Covered by Sombrero Savings

EC2 On-Demand compute

Without Sombrero Savings

EC2 On-Demand compute

With Sombrero Savings

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