Get To Know Us

Directeam, a rapidly growing DevOps consulting firm focused on innovative technologies and cloud transformation to help its customers run complex cloud architectures while providing an amazing customer service

Our Services

Premium DevOps Consulting

Our cloud architecture expertise and DevOps best practices bring your innovations to market faster, and with less headache. We work together with you to build a robust DevOps strategy to automate and optimize your infrastructure.

DevOps as a Service

We work with your in house team, providing support for day to day workload and for advanced technological projects to quickly bring new services and technologies in-house.

Managed Services

We provide end-to-end DevOps services for companies looking to quickly rollout large scale production. Fully managed services including 24/7 support and knowledge transfer to help you cost-effectively scale up according to your needs.

Why Us

First Class Customer Service

For us, customer service isn’t just a phrase, but a way of thinking. We believe the relationships with our partners are a top priority.


With a dedicated team of passionate driven experts with proven experience in top tech companies as tech leads, architects, R&D and DevOps leaders, we can design, build and maintain your next dream.


Our focus is on solving your issues and gaining an efficient, robust and cost effective scalable infrastructure designed for your purposes using cutting-edge technologies.

Some of the best.

Our Expertise